Vivian D. Echevarría Guzmán, MSC, LPCS, NCC

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I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, in Texas and Puerto Rico, a National Certified Counselor, and a member of the American Counseling Association.  I am also a collaborator at CounselChat.

Through the use of counseling I help clients to reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression; process grief, loss, history of trauma, abuse; and mediate marriage and relationship problems. If you are going through a rough path, seeking a way to live your life to your best ability, I am here to walk the path with you.

I began my history as a peer counselor at the University of Puerto Rico, completed my Master's Degree in Science of Counseling at the University of Phoenix, Southern Arizona Campus, and became a Licensed Profesional Counselor in Texas.

During my career as a Counselor, I've worked in community organizations like Catholic Charities' St. Elizabeth's Health Center, Innovative Alternatives, United Way's Financial Opportunity Center, and Legacy Community Health.  I also assisted community disasters through multiple organizations like the Red Cross and ASSMCA.


 Soy una Consejera Profesional licenciada en Texas y Puerto Rico. Tambien Consejera Nacionalmente Certificada, miembro de la Asociacion Americana de Consejeros y colaboradora activa de CounselChat.

 A traves de la consejeria, ayudo a mis clientes

 a reducir síntomas de ansiedad, depression, perdidas, 

historial de trauma y abuso; a mediar problemas 

familiares y matrimoniales.  Si estas pasando por un

 momento complicado, estoy disponible para ti.

Comoncé mi carrera de consejería como estudiante orientadora de la Universidad de Puerto Rico, completé mi Maestria en la Universidad de Phoeniz en el sur de Arizona y me licencié en Houston, TX.  Durante mi carrera  me he desempeñado en organizaciones comunitarias como:  Catholic Charities St. Elizabeths Health Center, Innovative Alternatives, United Way's Financial Opportunity Center and Legacy Community Health.  También he trabajado en el manejo de crísis luego de desastres con la Cruz Roja de Puerto Rico y ASSMCA.